忙しすぎて運動できない? Too busy to exercise?

国際スロージョギングのHPに「Too busy to exercise?」という記事が投稿されていました(。「忙しすぎて運動できない?」ってタイトルです。先日のブログでも投稿したように「運動・スポーツをしない理由」のトップが忙しいからです(。ですが、この記事は忙しくても工夫次第で運動できるという内容です。大変興味深いので英語を訳して、みなさんにお届けします。英語が得意ではないので意訳もありますが、ご容赦ください。








Being too busy is one of our favorite excuses not to exercise. We all know how hard it can be to find a 30min window in everyday schedule – and even if we do, there is no enough time to change before and after exercise, not to mention taking a shower.

Good news is that with slow jogging you don’t even need 30 minutes! We can assure you that in 24 hours you will find plenty small occasions to jog – even for a few minutes each time. Contrary to what we have been told, the effects of interrupted exercise on our health and weight loss are just as promising as the continuous exercise. Try it next time walking your dog or on the way to the supermarket – few minutes each time accumulated throughout the day mean more than you think!

For complete beginners we particularly recommend slow jogging in intervals: 1 minute jogging followed by 30 seconds walking. That’s the easiest way to start and doable in-between all your everyday activities – even businessmen on their lunch break.