音楽を聴きながらなら部屋でも楽に走れる. If you listen to music, you can run easily in the room.




I am slow jogging instructor, and also personal trainer. So I am trying various things.

I have been jogging all the time in the room recently. The purpose is one. "How much exercise should I do in order to keep weight while eating usual meal?" I want to know this thing. Jogging consumes twice as much energy as walking. When turning 2 - 3 m in the room and going back and forth, energy is consumed even at a slower speed. It consumes extra energy when turning.





Currently I am running aiming at 15000 steps per day (including walking). I eat much meals both day and night. But, fortunately my weight has not gained. Even jogging in the room, I consume much energy and eat a lot. So I am very happy. Now I am jogging while listening music. It is far more comfortable than watching TV. I will always look at it on TV. It stops my legs... It is best to run while listening to music.



Slow jogging is a very good exercise method for weight loss and physical fitness improvement. I would like to extend this to all over the world.