Burn body fat by stepping exercise!

There are lots of exercise modes to burn body fat such as walking, jogging, and bench stepping exercise. Of course, if you have more time, you can go swimming, dancing, bicycling, boating and more. Today I will introduce easier and more accessible exercise in a small space. That is  “Stepping Exercise”


(1) The most space-saving exercise

The good point of stepping exercise is that you can do at the moment you stand up. Also, you can do at a space of 50 cm × 50 cm. The “bench stepping exercise” is also space-saving, but it is necessary for you to prepare a wide bench. Squat is also good exercise, but it is not an aerobic exercise so you can not do for a long time. In addition, you will feel hard when squatting. Stepping exercise is a very good aerobic exercise because you only raise your legs.



(2) How to do stepping exercise

Raise your knee a little more than stepping normally. To be precise, bend the hip joint by 60 degrees. It is hard for you to raise it to 90 degrees, so let's go at 60 degrees. The pace is twice per second. While watching the second hand of the clock, do it twice in 1 second such as “Right! Left! Right! Left!”. If you do it in one minute it will have been 120 steps.


(3) About exercise intensity

The exercise intensity in stepping exercise is 4 METs (× 4 intensity in seated position at rest). If you do for 1min × 30 sets a day, it will be 30 minutes exercise in total. METs × hour means exercise volume. In this case, 4 METs × 0.5 hour = 2 METs・hour. If you multiply this by body weight and 1.05, you can calculate energy expenditure. If your weight is 70 kg, you will consume energy of 147 kcal.

The intensity in normal walking (5km/h) is 4 METs. If the outside is hot, cold or rainy, try this exercise in your room.



Love mild aerobic training.